# of Signup’s Per Month:

1-4 sales: $50 /sale
5-7 sales: $65 /sale
8-9 sales: $85 /sale
10+ sales: $100/sale

Huge Earnings Potential!

If you were to send us 1 referral a day in a given month, you would earn a whopping
$3,000 payout


Each affiliate will be issued a unique referral link that can be generated when you login to our affiliate dashboard after you have been approved to join the Affiliate Program.  Simply paste the link provided, or an approved Affiliate Program banner on you website, and if the Affiliate Terms of Service are met, you may earn Affiliate Program referral earnings.

The earnings you will received for successful referrals are detailed in our Affiliate Terms of Service.  Prices and fees are exclusive of any applicable transactional fees.  You are responsible for paying all other fees and taxes associated with your referrals earnings.  Referral earning details and the way in which they are calculated are described in the Affiliate Terms of Service.  WagWebHost does not in any way guarantee referral earnings through participation in the Affliate Program and, to avoid doubt, your participation in the Affiliate Program may be terminated by us at any time. (For more information, please refer to our Affiliate Terms of Service)

An Important Detail:

  • We use cookies to track people who have clicked on your link.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have provided all disclosures and obtained all necessary rights, consents and permissions to drop relevant cookies to allow required tracking, and you represent and warrant to us that you have done this.


Becoming an Affiliate


To become a WagWebHost Affiliate, you must first apply to join the program and accept our Affiliate Terms of Service.

We will assess your application and may accept or reject your request at our sole discretion for any reason based on reasonable grounds.  We may ask for additional information in support of your application.  Assessment criteria will be determined by us from time to time, and may include (but is not limited to):

  • the information provided by you in your application being verifiable and true;
  • you being able to demonstrate some ownership or rights to your affiliate website;
  • the quality of your affiliate website; and our assessment of whether your website complies with our Affiliate Terms of Service (or any other terms that apply to our affiliate program)
Our decision about whether you can become a WagWebHost affiliate is final.
Before you can be paid, you will need to ensure you submit any necessary tax documents and payout information 


You agree that you won't:

• Bid on, purchase, acquire or register search engine keywords, domains
or other identifying search terms owned or controlled by WagWebHost (or its
other community members). You also won’t engage in any direct or pay per-click activity to Orcas Online, Inc sites.

• Use WagWebHost’s (or its other community members’) brands or intellectual
property in a confusing or misleading way.

• Do any self purchasing.

• Do any form of domain forwarding.

• Do any form of cookie stuffing.

• Breach any applicable laws in being an WagWebHost Affiliate (including laws
related to email marketing or SPAM, and privacy).

• Advertise any coupons, deals or discounts on behalf of WagWebHost, unless
we’ve approved it.

• Make any representations on behalf of WagWebHost

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